OSBN License Verification Subscription for Employers

This login page is only for the Oregon Board of Nursing’s license verification employer subscription service.

Since Oregon doesn’t issue tangible license cards, employers need to verify a nurse or nursing assistant’s license status online. Available online verification systems include:
  1. The National Council for State Boards of Nursing free Nursys® E-Notify system (https://www.nursys.com/EN/ENDefault.aspx) that includes only RNs, LPNs, and APRNs.
  2. The Oregon Board of Nursing’s online verification system that allows individual license lookups of all Oregon licensees.
  3. The Oregon Board of Nursing’s employer verification subscription service capable of keeping track of several licenses at once. This system makes verifying licenses easier and more efficient for employers than option 2, and it includes CNAs and CMAs. The subscription service provides daily, weekly, or monthly notifications to an employer of the current license status for all of its nurses or nursing assistants. It’s an easy-to-use, low-cost subscription service that automatically notifies an employer when a change occurs to one of their employees’ license statuses, including any current discipline, and when licenses are due to renew.
Verification Subscription FAQs

OSBN Online Licensing
ALERT: A new OSBN online licensing system will launch on Saturday, November 14.

The current system will be deactivated at 4 pm Friday, November 13—any application in the current system that has not been paid for and submitted by that time will be deactivated.

If your application is deactivated, you may begin a new application once the new system goes live.
OSBN Online Licensure System Login Use this login if:
  • You are applying to take a nursing or nursing assistant exam.
  • You are applying for licensure/certification by endorsement from another state.
  • You are renewing your Oregon license or certificate. (License/certificate is still active or has been expired for 60 or fewer days.)
  • You are reactivating your expired (expired for 61 days or more) RN or LPN license.
  • You are a licensee and want to change your address or employer information.
  • You are an employer or public user wanting to access the licensure auto-verification system.
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