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OSBN - CNA/CMA Verification Subscription Service

Welcome to the Oregon State Board of Nursing's free CNA employer subscription service. This automated verification system provides daily or weekly notifications to an employer of the current license status for all of its CNAs and CMAs. It's an easy-to-use, free subscription service that automatically notifies an employer when a change occurs to one of their employees' license statuses, including any current discipline and when licenses are due to renew. (If you need to monitor a list of RNs or LPNs, please visit the Nursys e-Notify site to sign up: https://www.nursys.com/en/endefault.aspx)

This service is a tool for employers and organizations who want to receive free automated CNA certificate status updates. You can:
  • Manage a list of your facility's CNAs or CMAs.
  • Receive regular email notifications when a CNA's certification status or discipline status changes.

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